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The mission of Science Bites is twofold


We disseminate high-quality, jargon-light educational blog posts from a wide variety of scientific disciplines that explain findings from cutting-edge research for an audience of interested undergraduates and non-scientists.

By focusing on a single research paper, the aim of a bite post is to provide our readers with an intermediate level of comprehension between original scientific productions and classical science communication resources.


We provide the means for graduate student researchers to develop their writing skills in science communication, by either joining one of the existing blogs, or by supporting them on the creation of new science blogs under the Science Bites umbrella in their own fields of research. 

Science Bites promotes networking activities for graduate students interested in science communication through online social networks and meetups at professional conferences. We also offer advice and training resources to help graduate students to start new blogs in a different field or language than the ones currently in our network, increasing the diversity of our topics and facilitating a science communication experience that is supplemental to the offerings of university graduate programs.

Since the ScienceBites website was created in 2020 ,we have begun publishing public statements about the policies and values shared across our student collaboratives.  You can view a comprehensive listing of those statements here.