Write with us

ScienceBites is created by and for early career STEM professionals, and we love to expand our collaboration!

The ScienceBites sites are each independent collaboratives of STEM graduate students and affiliated authors who work together to produce the content that appears on their sites.

Is there not yet a ScienceBites site for your field of interest? Please contact [email protected] to inquire about creating a new ScienceBites site. ScienceBites sites must share our collective mission and align to our shared statements of collective interests. The founders of ScienceBites sites are typically graduate students in a STEM field, based anywhere around the world. ScienceBites sites can be authored in any language, or in multiple languages.

Do you see an existing ScienceBites site you’d like to contribute to? There are 2 ways to get involved,

  1. Join the collaboration. Most ScienceBites sites welcome outreach from potential new authors, either throughout the year or during an annual recruitment cycle. Visit each ScienceBites site for specific information about their new author policies.
  2. Submit a guest post. Most ScienceBites sites welcome submissions of proposals for guest posts and will review them on a case by case basis. Please see this spreadsheet of guest post guidelines for more information about each sites’ submission policies.